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Ridiculously Single

Are You Justifying Your Being Single? Sometimes I meet people and I think they’re great. Then when they tell me they’re single – I’m actually a little bit shocked. I made up a name for it – “ridiculously single” – it’s ridiculous that they’re single. Smart, secure, family-oriented, financially aware, with their own passions. It […]

How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated To Create Your Relationship?

How do you keep yourself motivated on your relationship journey? You’ve read books, you’ve watched videos, maybe you’ve attended a seminar… You’re here – which says you’re interested and committed to attracting a great guy. But it can be really difficult to keep going. And there are lots of reasons – from getting discouraged by […]

Sophisticated Singles: How Did It Go?

We hosted our first event exclusively for singles in Sway Bar, Holborn at the beginning of July. We had just over 60 guests, along with wing-men, wing-women, our amazing support team and of course, myself and Pam who hosted the event! We had our first icebreaker activity, which involved people going around the room and […]

Our Top 5 Summer Date Spots

Our Favourite Summer Date Spots It’s June. The sun is out (sometimes), people are happier, our wardrobes are colourful. Summer is finally here…. We tend to find there’s always more dating when the sun comes out. So here are out top 5 favourite locations  at the moment!  Whether it’s that first date, rekindling the romance […]

Top 10 Date Questions

Our Top 10 Questions to Ask on a Date  Sometimes dates can be awkward. It could be it’s the first date and you’re not sure what to talk about or it’s the second date and you’ve already exchanged all the pleasantries! Either way, it’s always good to have some back up… So here are our […]

5 Key Things to Remember When Dating

Here are our 5 top tips for dating this summer. From making the best first impression to planning that second date! Make a lasting first impression Be confident, make eye contact and remember to SMILE! Don’t limit yourself Dating is a fun way to meet new people and explore what you want in life, and […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Dinner Dates

Whether it’s the first, second, or even the fifth date, a dinner date is bound to happen so here are our Do’s and Don’ts to ensure the best experience possible! Do plan ahead. Plan where you’re going and what you’re wearing. Organising beforehand means you don’t have any last minute panics. Don’t wear something that […]

Letting Go: It’s Time to Move On…

We all have that person. They were our first love. She was the one that got away. He is the ex that no one can match up to. There was just something so special about them that they’re still on your mind years later (romanticising is what this is but we’ll get to that later!). […]