Sophisticated Singles: How Did It Go?

We hosted our first event exclusively for singles in Sway Bar, Holborn at the beginning of July. We had just over 60 guests, along with wing-men, wing-women, our amazing support team and of course, myself and Pam who hosted the event!

We had our first icebreaker activity, which involved people going around the room and mingling with each other. There were some funny stories being told, people were networking and most importantly, people were finding out about each other!

There was also a dating quiz! Attendees got into groups with a mix of different people and debated answers to the 13 questions that were given. The winning team won complimentary relationship profiling with Parmjit Chand!

Out of the event, we had 3 matches and another match was made when someone went home and recommended their friend to be matched with one of the guests!

Thank you to all those that supported us in creating this event, we couldn’t have hosted this event without you!

Your Feedback Is Valuable

Following the feedback we received from guests, we have made the following changes:

  • We will host two separate events, arranged by age categories;

Sophisticated Singles: Plus One Party for 23-35-year-olds

Sophisticated Singles: 360 for 36-60-year-olds

  • Most events will now be Plus One Parties. This means to attend the event you will need someone of the opposite sex with you. This is to ensure that the events have an equal ratio of men to women – otherwise, we’ll end up with no potential dates!
  • Where possible, we will aim to have these events toward the end of the week or on the weekend
  • Where possible, we will have members of our team or screens to inform guests of all activities that are taking place and the necessary instructions!

We thoroughly enjoyed creating and hosting this event for you all – keep an eye out for the next ones! 

Kim xo