“When I first met Pam, little did I know that this chance meeting would be the catalyst to change my life for the better… The coaching really made me look at things in a different light. Pam takes things at your pace, challenges your insecurities and helps you to look at the bigger picture. I see things from a brighter side now and this has opened me up to more opportunities in life in general.”-Male Client

“My first interaction with Pam was really positive and heart-warming. The conversation I had with her was the turning point for me to be where I am now. Pam is relatable and what she shared with me about her own journey and the purpose for Grandeur & Love was very inspiring. It was like a wake-up call, gave me purpose to find my direction and bring my passion back at a time when I was feeling lost. Pam recommended coaching to me.

Meeting my coach, Phillippa has been a blessing for me. As I’d never had coaching before, I was unsure and sceptical as to what I could gain from the experience; nevertheless I went with an open mind. Phillippa took the time to listen to and understand my needs and explained the process to me thoroughly before we began. For someone who isn’t naturally comfortable opening up to talk about my feelings and fears, within the first meeting I had naturally allowed myself to open up and be vulnerable about my experiences to Phillippa, which is very unusual for me!

From this moment, I knew I had to invest time with Phillippa and go through the coaching process with 100% commitment. Coaching has been great for me, I got so much from it and I can’t credit Phillippa enough! She tailored the sessions to my individual needs and her personality and intuitive style of coaching really suited me and helped me to go deeper and see things I wasn’t aware of before. I wanted to develop myself and I needed support to decide what to focus on, what was really important to me and how to move forward.

Through coaching, I received the support and guidance I needed which helped me to find all the answers I was looking for. I gained understanding of areas within me that needed developing as well as the aspects of myself I needed to appreciate, value, strengthen and grow. Understanding my values and strengths was empowering and I was able to build on these and to rediscover my zest for life. One of the biggest things I got from coaching was learning how to be vulnerable and build emotional connection in relationships. In the past, I had a lot of defences in place because I’d been hurt in my past relationships. I had closed myself off and erected barriers to protect myself and I used to spend a lot of time in my head, analysing everything. Coaching helped me to break down these walls and empowered me to open my heart and to feel my feelings. I also realised that if something doesn’t work out, that’s OK; I’m resilient and strong and I can learn from the experience. In the past, I’d meet someone and would be quite apprehensive and reserved, I’d hold back for months for fear of getting hurt. I’d procrastinate and go along with the relationship even if it wasn’t really working.

Through coaching, I got clarity on the kind of relationship I truly wanted, I opened myself to meeting men who were very different to my usual “type” and I started attracting very different men into my life whom I feel much more aligned to and compatible with. I learnt to believe in myself, be true to myself and my values. I gained the courage to be open with men and to express my feelings and thoughts honestly. I now do this in other areas of my life too with people I trust where I want to connect on a deeper level.  A few months ago I started a relationship with a man whom I have so much in common with, he is self-aware, has a zest for life, we were able to be real and vulnerable with one another and to share a deep connection. These were all qualities I wanted in a partner and I’d been actively visualising and opening myself up to the possibility of meeting a partner like this during my coaching journey. We spent quality time together, went on a wonderful holiday together and really enjoyed one another’s company. Although the relationship didn’t work out because we discovered that we both wanted different things for the future, I learnt so much about myself from being in this relationship and we are still friends. Being in this relationship, I felt empowered to confront myself, be honest with myself about my priorities, what I truly want and to speak my truth rather than procrastinating and going along with things as I would have done in the past.

Since completing my coaching journey, I’ve continued to actively implement the practices and positive habits I discovered through coaching. I use tools like visualisation, my vision board, breathing exercises and affirmations in my daily life, I spend time in nature and I make time to connect with myself and to feel and listen to my feelings, needs and what’s best for me. I am conscious about being present, open, smiling, making conversation and connecting with people I interact with as I go about my day. I’m also choosing to re-engage with hobbies which allow me not only to stay physically fit and healthy but which also help me to release any stress or anxiety and allow me to connect with other people. Practicing visualisation has been helping me to stay focused and to manifest what I want. I feel much more conscious now than I used to feel, my self- awareness has increased a lot. On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’ve gone from a 3 a few months ago before I started coaching to a 7/8 now. I’ve learnt that life is about balance and it is important to make time for myself without feeling guilty or judging myself as selfish like I used to in the past. If it weren’t for coaching, I wouldn’t have moved forward from the feeling of being stuck in my life and not moving forward in the right way.

However, after having 12 sessions with Phillippa, I can positively say I’ve gained self-awareness and learnt the right tools for me to embrace endless opportunities which will enhance my life and lead to the fulfilment that I‘ve been searching for! The coaching I received and who Phillippa is as a person really led me to progress to the next level of my journey in life. I now feel ready for a long-term, committed relationship. I am focused on my vision, my purpose, what I truly want and I now understand what that means for me. My journey with Grandeur & Love has really given my confidence and belief that I can be true to my values and have what I want. I’d recommend Grandeur & Love because the company and the team are passionate, genuine and have your best interests at heart.”

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