5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Matchmaker

We live in the digital age. With the advancements of technology being where they are today, people have never been more reachable than they are now. Through email, texts, voice calls, Facetime, and the countless other platforms so readily accessible to us all, one would naturally assume that the world of dating would become transformed to be much easier and less nerve racking than what it’s conventionally known to be.

So in this age of ‘connections,’ the question remains… ‘why are you still single?’

While more and more online dating apps are making their way into the mainstream, the reality of the situation remains that a vast quantity of people are still finding themselves lost when it comes to dating.

Rather than making dating ‘easier,’ the digital revolution has instead in part redefined the entire dating playbook. The result? Say hello to the ‘hook-up’ culture, where it’s all about what you can get and how fast you can get it. Lust has replaced love and while this arrangement may work perfectly well for many, those who are looking to be a part of a serious and meaningful relationship are finding such platforms to be saturated with false promises and hopes.

Recent stats show that one-third of people that have used online dating apps have never actually been on a date with those they connected with. This, along with the increase of online scamming, lack of authenticity, combined with the rising concerns of safety, have contributed to the downfall of online dating as we see it today.

With half the UK population being single, combined with the declining approval ratings for online dating apps, more and more people are turning to rely on traditional matchmaking to find love.

So what are the perks of using a matchmaker? Here are 5 reasons why it’s a better choice than online dating sites and apps.

1.  Personalised service

We all have our own individual tastes. Some are picky about height, and others have a fancy for green hair. Whatever it is that makes your heart skip a beat, your personalised matchmaker will set out to find you exactly what you’re looking for.

2.  No computers, just real people.

Unlike many online dating sites and apps, matchmakers tend to rely on a more traditional approach when it comes to setting people up. Instead of relying on algorithms which have you filter choices through left or right swipes, a matchmaker will filter candidates based on you own instructions and guidance.

3.  Peace of mind

No more second guessing whether your match is a weirdo has something that they’re hiding from their past, or if they look the same in person as they do in their photos. Using a matchmaker means all candidates have been pre-screened. This ensures that you meet like-minded individuals without any unnecessary doubt.

4.  Safety

According to a recent article published by the Independent, 10% of sex offenders use online dating sites, 3% are psychopaths, and another 10% are scammers. These, of course, are sobering statistics, and perhaps facts that most people are oblivious too. Using a matchmaker ensures that candidates have been vetted and gone through a background check.

5.  Coaching

Sometimes, whether it is by the grace of the cosmos or by sheer luck, you find yourself in the company of someone that makes you feel like you hit the jackpot. More often than not, however, something goes wrong. Maybe it was them. Maybe it was you? With a matchmaker, your relationship doesn’t stop with you getting set up with dates. A key element of a matchmaker is their commitment to providing coaching and support so that you can put your best foot forward and take on the dating scene with full confidence.

While we can be thankful for a great many things that the internet age has given us, what we fail to realise is that you cannot conflate the virtual world with reality. Yes, it can STILL be hard to find someone decent, but it’s not impossible. Instead of shooting in the dark hoping and wishing to catch something good, it’s better to focus efforts towards a trusted source and know that no matter what, you’re bound to be on target. So for all those wondering what’s going to be the next biggest trend in dating, it’s time to get back to basics and say hello to the world of matchmaking.